An ERP software designed specifically for cabinet makers!

Cienapps is the most adapted ERP/MRP software on the market for cabinet manufacturing. Centralize your data in one place, connect all your departments and get the accurate information of your prime cost and of your stocks in real-time! With Cienapps, manage effectively your operations and automate all your business processes.

Cienapps ERP promotes a collaborative environment in your business!

Improve the overall performance of your business by creating a participative culture. With Cienapps ERP, share real-time operation data faster than ever. Use custom, industry specific functions and create a better communication flow within and accross all your departments, from marketing to accounting! 

Get your cost price in real-time!

Did you know that 10% of your cabinet projects are not estimated at a profitable price? Don’t you find it frustrating when you lose money because your retail price is too low compared to your cost? Or when you lose client interest when it’s too high?

With our ERP software for cabinet makers, you will get your detailed prime cost in real-time when you submit a price for a new project! Offer a potential customer a quote, almost instantly, with a competitive price, and most importantly, increase the profitability of your business!

Get connected with your industry!

Get connected with your suppliers!

Cienapps is built to dramatically improve your supplier relationship management! Our Bluelink module creates the perfect environment to manage all your purchase orders in one place and in real-time! Simplify your stock management with the fastest connection between your business and your suppliers!

Get connected with your CAD/CAM!

Eliminate all transcription errors by importing your design information directly from your CAD/CAM (computer-aided design/computer-aided manufacturing). Get your data instantly and start your projects almost immediately!

Get connected with your management software!

Whether it’s your accounting software or your supply management system, our software for cabinet makers connects your business with all your additional management applications.

What makes Cienapps the best ERP solution for your company?

Skilled customer service representatives

When you choose our ERP software, you can feel confident that our agents will be pleased to offer you an outstanding client experience when they offer their assistance. There will be no automated phone responses, our service agents offer live and immediate client support.

Fast and easy integration

We can garantee a quick and easy integration of our ERP; we know your industry and we are connected to all your suppliers.


Kitchen and bath industry partners



Since we implimented Cienapps, we saved 40 000$, simply with a better overview of our purchase data. All our products and raw materials are now listed and customized automatically for every client need!

Bernard Martineau,
Mathurin, Kitchen and Bath

Cienapps centralizes all our data for a better management of our departments. With Cienapps, everyone is connected and is able to notice the changes in real-time, from sales to marchandise reception!

Carol Girard,
André Potvin, Cabinet maker

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