Our ERP is a supply chain management tool


Your work orders are filled automatically with our software!

Cienapps software connects itself with your CAD/CAM (computer-aided design/computer-aided manufacturing), and it generates systematically every required unit for production. Your data transcriptions are accurate and you get a global view of all your products on your computer screen.

Create your purchase orders and place your orders with your suppliers in a record time!

Our Cieblink tool offers you the possibility of placing your product orders with your suppliers and receiving their confirmation or feedback ,concerning the delivery status and product availability, instantly. Your suppliers will receive a notification in real-time and will be able to confirm your orders simply by switching the confirmation status!

What surprised us the most was the flexibility of Cienapps software. This ERP fully manages the cabinet manufacturing process and easily adapts itself to our product catalog.

Carol Girard,
André Potvin cabinet maker

Cieblink is incredible! Every purchase order is sent automatically to our suppliers! We save a lot of time and money!

Bernard Martineau,
Mathurin Kitchen and Bath

Create your purchase orders instantly!

Our kitchen cabinet software creates your purchase orders automatically with your imported list of materials. Once completed and submitted, your supplier will receive your purchase order with precise and detailed information.

Color codes to manage effectively your orders.

Your orders will be classified with color codes in order to provide you with accurate data concerning the status of your product inventories and orders. This function helps you to manage your supply chain effectively, to increase the speed of your service and ensure customer satisfaction.

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Improve your supply management!

Efficiently manage your inventory by ordering just-in-time! When you create a new project in Cienapps, our software generates the products and materials you need to order instantly.

Manage the reception of your orders more effectively.

Cienapps registers automatically all received orders and applies them to the right supplier and the relevant project. You can now easily confirm the quantities received! The production department will know immediately that the materials needed for production are in stock. Our software promotes efficient production planning by providing your staff with the most accurate inventory!

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